We pamper your clothes valuing your time and thinking about your savings

We pamper your clothes

  • Biodegradable products:
    • Detergent
    • Conditioner
    • Active oxygen
  • Decalcified water to protect your clothes
  • State of the art machines that care for your clothes in every wash

Valuing your time

  • In just 45 min your clothes washed and dried
  • Washing cycles of only 30 min
  • Drying cycles from 15 to 30 min
  • So that you can enjoy your free time we place at your disposal the service Drop & Go (leave your clothes and when they are clean, dry and folded we inform you , so that you just have to collect them)

Thinking of your savings

  • Every wash is included (soap, softener, disinfectant)
  • It is proven that washing clothes in self-service laundries saves money on water, gas, and electricity supplies and in the maintenance or purchase of washing machines.
  • With the preferred customer card, you will get savings of 10% on each wash and 5% on drying your clothes.

The active oxygen allows the stains and germs to decompose from the material, also disinfecting the washing machine in every wash so that your clothes will be much cleaner.

How the washing machine works

1. Load your clothes in the washer and close the door
Remember to empty pockets and close zips.
2. Select the program you require
Detergent and conditioner are included in the price.
3. Make the payment.
The display indicates the remaining time of the cycle, The door is locked until the cycle has finished.

How the dryer works

1. Make the payment.
The display indicates the remaining time of the cycle.
2. Load your clothes into the dryer and close the door.
Remember to empty the pockets and close the zips.
3. Drying
The display indicates the remaining time of the cycle. You can open the door of the dryer whenever you want to see how dry the clothes are. When you close the door the dryer will continue.